FRDO Projects


Supportive Organization :UNWFP

Location :PD-10 Kabul

UNWFP USS ( Unconditional Season Support ) Project which is implemented in kabul PD-10, The whole caseload was 12000 HHs and there were 7000 male and 5000 female. the duration of this project was 6 month ( May-2019 ) to ( Oct-2019).

Carpet weaving and literacy training

Supportive Organization :UN-WFP

Location :Mazar-e-Sharif

The carpet weaving, literacy and health education project was funded by World Food Program (WFP) in year 1996, duration 6 Months for 40 most vulnerable women of Kamaz Camp located in Mazar-e-Sharif; the project aimed to make the women self-sufficient and could earn income through their learned skills, and also make them literate. The Carpet Weaving, literacy and Health education project due to having good results and impacts, extended once again for 6 Months to 80 most vulnerable women of Kamaz camp, Mazar-e-Sharif, Balkh Province.

Gellim Weaving & Literacy project

Supportive Organization :World Food Program (WFP)

Location :Shebirghan Province

World Food Program (WFP) funded 6 Months Gellim weaving and Literacy project in year 1997 for 60 women of Sheberghan Province. In this project the 60 most vulnerable women became literate, provided skills training courses and market orientation skills in order to help the poor and needy women to gain knowledge and skill. The project successfully completed with having good achievements and affected the women lives in their community, and directed them to move their live and get their income from the existing resources.

Traditional Birth Attendance (TBA)

Supportive Organization :UNHCR

Location :Bagh-e-Sherkat village, Kundoz Province

In year 1997 FRDO has implemented Traditional Birth Attendance (TBA) project for 50 Women of Bagh-e-Sherkat village of Kunduz province which was supported by UNHCR for 3 Months and aimed to provide awareness for women and help them through this program to solve their TB problems, the overall coverage of the project activities strived to survive the people from the ignorance while they were losing their lives, the ignorance and lack of health facilities eventually the people losses their lives such kind of project could help them to survive

Carpentry Training Project

Supportive Organization :UNHCR

Location :Bagh-e-Sherkat village, Kundoz province

Three Months Carpentry training project Achieved for 45 vulnerable and unskilled male of Bagh-e-Sherkat village of Kunduz province the project focused to make 45 male skilled in order to able them work and earn income for their families and solve their economic problems. The project focused the male dominant community which was the earning segment of their families to support their family members financially, providing the skilled labors to the market to meet the market needs and also in the increasing in the number of skilled labors

Golden Embroidery & Shoe Making Project

Supportive Organization :World Food Program (WFP) & UNHCR

Location :Mazar-e-Sharif, Balkh Province

With the joint contribution of UNHCR and WFP funded the project for 20 vulnerable males and 30 poor women provided them Golden Embroidery and Shoe making trainings to support their economic status and train them in the vocational skills, through which they will earn and feed their families. The project duration was 4 Months and implemented in Mazar-e-Sharif city of Balkh province. The project laid down quick impact on the lives of the people by providing their product to the market and found the earning source for them

Tailoring, Literacy & Health Education

Supportive Organization :CIDA

Location :Bilal Camp, Peshawar, Pakistan

Tailoring, Literacy and Health Education was funded by CIDA for 40 vulnerable and poor Afghan women of Bilal camp, Peshawar the project focus was to provide opportunity for women to earn skill and can work beside their husbands and support their families. In this project the vocational skills training has been taken in consideration that the beneficiaries’ educational status and health condition were also focused by the project activities and providing literacy courses and health related training. By one side they became literate and got health training and by other side they have been learned the market oriented skills and techniques which could help them in earning by feeding their families.

Medical Clinic

Supportive Organization :UNHCR

Location :Kheshti Camp, Peshawar, Pakistan

A medical clinic installed in KheshtiCamp, Peshawar Pakistan for Afghan refugees to provide them healthcare and treatment, the fund for this project were allocated by UNHCR for 57600 male and female individuals. In this clinic all kind of health facilities were provided to the patients. Throughout the project period different kind of diseases has received the treatment and also getting their free of cost medicines, while the health facilities were in the access of them in the camp the project result in meeting the project objectives

Computer Center

Supportive Organization :FRDO Contribution

Location :Board Peshawar, Pakistan

Information Technology laid down the various opportunities in advancing world and communicating fast; though, computer training skill were provided to afghan youths to facilitate them having knowledge about the IT and computer skill, this project was implemented in Board, Peshawar Pakistan, the project activities and running cost was FRDO’s contribution. By learning information technology the afghan children has been seeking the certain opportunities in educational and communication sectors and familiar with the global levels.

Food Distribution for Afghan families

Supportive Organization :UHMMA Welfare Trust

Location :Board & Bilal Camp, Peshawar, Pakistan

UHMMA Welfare Trust through its food feeding program supported the afghan refugees in Board and Bilal camp, Peshawar Pakistan, distributed 3000 food packages for 3000 families and the project activities were carried out by Female Rehabilitation and Development Organization (FRDO). The project was smoothly implemented and had quick impact by feeding the families. Emergency relief projects often seem successful in recovery of food deficiency and scarcity of losses life in the marginalized areas and on the quick response to the communities.


Supportive Organization :ISAF

Location :Pul-e-Charkhi, Kabul, Afghanistan

FRDO organization contracted the groveling of road in pul-e-charkhi of Kabul province with ISAF. The organization completed the assigned duties which were assigned to the 2220 workers and the project made a main source of travelling and the people of this area received the easy transportation facility, on the other side the beneficiaries of the project selected from the same area and were benefited from the cash against work. FRDO organization appreciated from the community and ISAF that completed the project activities within a month successfully.

Construction of MoPH Masjid

Supportive Organization :Saudi Relief Committee for Afghanistan

Location :Kabul, Afghanistan

Saudi Relief Committee for Afghanistan allocated the funds for the construction of MoPH Masjid, this project was awarded to FRDO and all kind of construction work done by the organization and the project was submitted according to the norms and conditions to the client. The construction activities of the Masjid completed in 3 months and the Masjid occupies by more than 1000 people who offer their prayers at a time, as this Masjid was constructed for the employees of Ministry of Public Health but also others also can perform prayer in the Masjid

Construction of Mehrabuddin School

Supportive Organization :UN-Habitat

Location :Kabul, Afghanistan

Construction of Mehrabuddin School in Kabul, Afghanistan, awarded to FRDO by UN-Habitat, likely, the organization due to having experience in implementing couple of construction projects, smoothly completed the project and submitted to the donor agency. The contracted project’s activities assigned to skilled and unskilled labors completed in 3 months project period according to the project plan and its requirements.

Workshops, Seminars & Especial Courses of Human Rights

Supportive Organization :Maltiser

Location :Qulumchaq&Shahr-e-Naw, Qarabagh & Mirbachakot, Kabul

In the growing stages of the country, Malteser committed to allocate fund for the people of Qarabagh and Mirbachakot districts of Kabul province, through which 4 months workshops, seminars and special courses under the topics of Human Rights, the overall project activities and implementation was done by FRDO. FRDO carried out the assigned duties of the workshops by conceptual and technical expertise and also the spiritual leaders of the community enlighten such activities in the light of Islam and ethnic values in most effectively manners.

Improving Women Economic Opportunity through Dairy cow keeping

Supportive Organization :Canadian Embassy

Location :Karth-e-Eshani, Mazar-e-Sharif, Balkh Province

Improving Women Economic Opportunity through dairy cow keeping project implemented by FRDO, the fund allocated by Canadian Embassy in Kart-e-Eshani in Mazar-e-Sharif.the total beneficiaries were 45 poor women of the area. The project aimed to support the women economically, through dairy cow keeping women can be effectively involve in the project activities and produce consuming products in the markets and also support their families by establishing home-based business and earn income by supplying products in markets.

Sanzayee Community Tailoring, Numeracy & Basic Business Skills Training

Supportive Organization :ARD-USAID

Location :Sanzayee, Tagab, Kapisa province

In this project ARD-LGCD/USAID granted fund for the sanzayee community to provide tailoring, numeracy and basic business skills training for 50 most vulnerable women, the project activities were carried out by FRDO with good results and affected the daily life of the people of this community. Along with numeracy the basic business skills training could motivate the women toward the income-generation concepts in their societies and involve themselves in such activities through which they gain the source of revenue and provide small business opportunity.

Tailoring, Basic Business & Market Skills Training

Supportive Organization :ARD-USAID

Location :Dahana Village, Khost-o-Fring, Baghalan

ARD-LGCD/USAID dispatched the tailoring, basic business and marketing skills training in Khost-o-Fring district of Baghlan province, FRDO as an implementing partner for the project provided the market oriented skills training for 40 vulnerable women.In fulfilling the market demands also the marketing tactics and techniques by supplying the products in the market which attract the market image and will get the response from the investors thus, the marketing skills training is proven that the produced products are demanded by the market.

Raising Awareness on Human Rights, Legal Rights & Violence against Women

Supportive Organization :CIDA

Location :Waras, Bamyan

The continuous disaster in the country and violence against women were avoid the half portion of the country population which covered by women in order to aware them from their legal and human rights and violence against them FRDO took place the workshops which were supported by CIDA for 200 women in Waras district of Bamyan province. Through such activity of the organization the women aware by the reasons and the causes which often made them the victims of the violence in severely conditions due to war and disaster in the country.

Poultry Training, Basic Business & Women/Child Rights Awareness

Supportive Organization :Action Aid

Location :Districts 11th& 15th, Kabul, Province

Poultry training project, basic business and women/child right awareness project funded by Action Aid in districts 11th and 15th of Kabul province for the vulnerable poor families. In this project we trained the targeted families basic business, health education, poultry and literate them and at end of the project we distribute 11 chickens for each of the women. Poultry is one of the most efficient and productive small home-based business which can easily run the lower class families in the society and always seen profitable small business.

Animal Husbandry & Goat Distribution Project

Supportive Organization :German Embassy

Location :Istalif District, Kabul Province

In order to maintain the equilibrium between the production and consuming of livestock in the country the German Embassy supported FRDO to implement the animal husbandry training and goat distribution project in Istalif district of Kabul province, 50 most vulnerable women benefited from the project and received medical kit along with a certificate. The participants of the project got enough knowledge of animal keeping and also the skills in producing the market oriented products besides of the consuming by themselves and also provide to the local markets.

Teaching Profession and Sheep Distribution / Leather bag making

Supportive Organization :JICA

Location :Kabul, Estalif

JICA funded the project for 40 poor women provided them Sheep in order to support their economic status and train them in making leather bags and other accessories , through which they will earn and feed their families. The project duration was 6 Months and was implemented in Estalif district of Kabul province.

Reconstruction of School

Supportive Organization :UNHCR

Location :Mazar-e-Sharif, Balkh Province

Before the concept of private sector especially construction companies in the governmental policies of the country the organizations were allowed to implement different types of projects either construction. In 2004 NGOs isolated from the private sector and permit to execute the rehabilitation and development activities thus, FRDO by support of UNHCR reconstructed school in Mazar-e-Sharif City in year 1997; the project covered 2 months duration, the project successfully completed on time and provided job for 600 male workers.

Biscuit Making, Literacy & Health Education Project

Supportive Organization :World Food Program (WFP)

Location :Sakhi Camp, Hairatan District, Balkh Province

Biscuit Making, Literacy and Health Education project in year 1998, funded by World Food Program (WFP) in Sakhi Camp, Hairatan district of Balkh province for 4 months to 45 female, to help the female refugees for learning skills and able them to work. It was a unique experience in Afghanistan to achieve such kind of project but the project goal has been achieved and the project activities were completed successfully and from the project we provided the skilled and market oriented workers were preceding the practices in the society.

Carpet Weaving, Literacy & Health Education Project

Supportive Organization :CIDA

Location :Bilal Camp Peshawar, Pakistan

CIDA in year 2000 after receiving good feedback and noticed efficiency of these projects for poor Afghan women and families which were living in Bilal Refugees Camp, Funded Carpet weaving, literacy and Health Education project for 10 months to 20 men and 40 women to enable these men and women work together for supporting their families and improving their economic situation, as it is the traditional vocational skills which brought from their place of origin have been using for the source of income and had good image in the market.

Carpet Weaving, Literacy & Health Education Project

Supportive Organization :Canadian Embassy

Location :Shamshato Camp, Peshawar, Pakistan

Carpet weaving, literacy and health education project funded by Canadian Embassy, the targeted beneficiaries 80 poor women in Shamshato camp, Peshawar, Pakistan in this project the afghan refugees were supported by providing them health safety training, literacy and skill training, the project goal was to literate and enable them to feed their families, young girls and widows have been targeted as the project beneficiaries in providing literacy courses and health education besides learning the carpet weaving skill.

Carpet Weaving & Literacy Project

Supportive Organization :Japan Embassy

Location :Shamshato Camp, Pakistan

Afghan traditional skill carpet weaving is the most famous vocational skill in Afghanistan through which the people received good income and serve good life. Japan Embassy intended allocated fund to support the afghan refugees by providing carpet weaving training and literate them in Shamshato camp, Peshawar Pakistan. The organization has implemented this kind of project several times and having the vast experience implemented this project on time in covered the most isolated portion of the society which are unaccompanied women.

Abo ul Qasim Ferdausi Primary School

Supportive Organization :UNHCR

Location :Bilal Camp Peshawar, Pakistan

In Bilal camp, Peshawar Pakistan running of AbolQasemFerdausi Primary School for afghan refugees supported by UNHCR the project activities carried out by educating the afghan children and save them from ignorance and make their future bright. In this project the organization preferred the orphans as its beneficiaries because the Afghan children could not afforded the educational expenses while they are earning handouts, they are unable to feed their dependants and could also support their families’ economy at same time.

English Language Center

Supportive Organization :UNHCR

Location :Bilal Camp Peshawar, Pakistan

Keeping the trend of the era as English is the most spoken language in all over the world, English language center established in Bilal camp Peshawar Pakistan. 110 beneficiaries were provided English language complete package were covered in 12 months. The dynamic change the education sector the English has been used the first language 50 % of the world population and 30% used as their second language and mostly countries use as their formal language in their governmental institutions.

English Language Center

Supportive Organization :FRDO Contribution :FRDO’s running cost

Location :Board Peshawar, Pakistan

English language center for Afghan refugees in Board Peshawar Pakistan, supported by FRDO and 2400 boys and girls were benefited from the English language skill. This project was focused and supported the Afghan refugees as they were not able to pay for receiving skill. Well-equipped language center provided in the excuses of afghan children as the meet their language thrust free of cost and mostly students found the opportunities for their higher education. Eventually short term courses put the aggressive impact on the basic step for the students.

Fatima Balkhi High School

Supportive Organization :UNHCR

Location :Board Peshawar, Pakistan

Running of FatemaBalkhi High School in Peshawar Pakistan funded by UNHCR covered the 1840 boys and girls. They were facilitated by educating them and enable them to get secondary education and to prove themselves to be a learned and civilized person in the society. Education is the basic right of the children as they have to learn and get education but unfortunately due to displacement it happens occasionally that they remain in ignorance and couldn’t get the proper education as they need for their bright future

Health Worker Training

Supportive Organization :CHF

Location :Babo Camp Peshawar, Pakistan

Living in the camps have been observed the worst condition of life having limited resources of health facilities lack of medicine and no treatment on time to survive; thus, CHF provided the fund to FRDO for training of lady health workers in Babo camp, Peshawar Pakistan, after training the lady health workers go home to home for providing health facilities and to treat women inside their home localities. The importance was to point out the diseases on time and check the patients on the spot and get the treatment indeed.

Poly Clinic

Supportive Organization :UNHCR

Location :Kheshti Camp Peshwar, Pakistan

With the contribution of UNHCR FRDO has established poly clinic in Kheshti Camp of Peshawar Pakistan in the clinic the patients received free of cost treatment and medicines throughout the project period 8000 male and female has been treated by the qualified FRDO personnel in 2001 during 3 months. This project was very beneficial and laid the quick impact in the recovery of health for families living in camps because of the limited health facilities in camps and the project was appreciated by the refugees and other clients in the area.

Reconstruction of 14Km Road, Cleaning of Streams, Excavation of 32 Arat

Supportive Organization :World Food Program (WFP)

Location :Shakardara, Kabul, Afghanistan

World Food Program (WFP) allocated cash and food for work as FRDO reconstructed 14 Km road, cleaning of stream and excavation of 32 Arad. The project was aiming food or cash for work while the people were benefited from both side like they were working for their communities and in the rewards they were receiving food and cash. The project completed in 4 months and 15400 workers were the beneficiaries of the project and benefited from the cash and food packages for work. And people of the area received the facility of transportation.

Food Distribution for Afghan Refugee Families

Supportive Organization :Qatar Joint Committee

Location :Nasir Bagh Camp, Peshawar, Pakistan

Food distribution program for afghan refugees in NasirBagh camp, Peshawar Pakistan, the project was funded by Qatar Joint Committee and the project activities executed by FRDO. 2000 Afghan refugee families received the food packages in emergency relief project. This project has covered in four months and one of the most successful and beneficial project throughout the organizational background and some good experiences received and the project goals achieved along with good results.

Food Distribution for Afghan Refugee Families

Supportive Organization :Islamic Association of Norway

Location :Board Peshawar, Pakistan

The Emergency relief project in which food distribution for afghan refugee families in board Peshawar Pakistan was supported by Islamic Association of Norway and the project was implemented by FRDO, the total beneficiaries of the project were 2300 refugee families. The project activities were focused only for women who were head of their families and those families received the food packages whom were unguarded or widows while it met the project objectives and goals which had already set by the funding agency.

Food Distribution for Refugee Families

Supportive Organization :Unamah Welfare Trust

Location :Tajabad Peshawar, Pakistan

3000 Afghan refugee families in Tajabad, Peshawar Pakistan, were benefited by receiving food packages, helped by Ummah Welfare Trust and distributed by FRDO among the targeted number of beneficiary families. Due to the vast experience of FRDO and was the main sector of the organization for emergency relief once again the food packages distributed with the smooth and calm atmosphere among the needy families while the food deficiency mentioned in the area and the pre-assessment of the donor.

National English Language Center

Supportive Organization :Global Fund for Women

Location :Board Peshawar, Pakistan

The six months English language course funded by Global Fund for Women for 60 vulnerable young girls, implemented by FRDO in year 2003 in Board Peshawar Pakistan. The project activities assigned to the qualified technical instructors and the students received the quick response in attending the training course, The project impact was efficient and 60 young girls successfully completed the course and found opportunities to work in different organizations for fulfilling their economic needs and get extra curriculum skills.

Carpet Weaving, Literacy & Health Education

Supportive Organization :World Food Program (WFP)

Location :Bamyan, Afghanistan

Carpet Weaving Skill training, literacy and health education program which was funded by World Food Program and implemented by FRDO, the aim of the project was to literate and provide the health treatment and learning vocational skill training and also receiving food. This project was implemented in Bamyan, Afghanistan; the total beneficiaries were 390 poor women. As carpet is the most famous exporting product of Afghanistan throughout the world which are producing in Northern provinces of Afghanistan and had good expertise in the area.

School Feeding

Supportive Organization :World Food Program (WFP)

Location :Qarabagh & Mirbachakot, Kabul, Afghanistan

School Feeding Program by World Food Program (WFP) was one of the most efficient projects in Qarabagh and MirbachaKot district of Kabul province. The students were receiving biscuits while were attending school, FRDO covered 12690 boys and girls students in several schools of the mentioned districts. The project was aiming to motivate the student to attend school with interest and enthusiasm and attract the attention to give the fully attendance to schools as this project followed by that goal attracted the students attention to study.

Reconstruction of Dehmazang Jail

Supportive Organization :UNOPS

Location :Kabul, Afghanistan

United Nations Office for Project Services (UNOPS) contracted the reconstruction of Dehmazang jail project with FRDO organization to rehabilitate the construction work of the building, painting the walls, and demolishing the existing destructions. FRDO assigned the duties to skilled and unskilled labors in the guidance of well-qualified and experienced engineering team. 1200 detainees who were the project beneficiaries received the living facilities in good condition and also extra accommodation space for living.

Construction of Sang-e-Moom School

Supportive Organization :CARE, JSDF, MRRD

Location :Daikundi Province, Afghanistan

There was another project, Construction of Sang-e-Moom school implemented by FRDO was the contribution of CARE, JSDF and MRRD in Daikundi province of Afghanistan, the vast experience of the organization completed the project and hand over to the department of education of the province. Due to the community demand and the ministry of rural rehabilitation development attention motivated the CARE, JSDF organizations to allocate the fund and the project awarded to FRDO for the construction of the school’s building in this area.

School Feeding Dates

Supportive Organization :World Food Program (WFP)

Location :Qarabagh & Mirbachakot Districts, Kabul, Afghanistan

School feeding date was a project funded by World Food Program (WFP) the distribution process of the project was done by FRDO in different schools of Qarabagh and Mirbachakot districts of Kabul province. Dates distribution through school feeding program of WFP which are the stock in emergency relief; upon the request of FRDO WFP awarded the project of 13MT Dates distributed in schools of Qarabagh and Mirbachakot districts of Kabul province among the students the project activities have been covered in 5 months.

School Feeding Biscuits

Supportive Organization :World Food Program (WFP)

Location :Qarabagh&Mirbachakot, Kabul

WFP distributed biscuit packages in schools through their school feeding program implemented by FRDO in the several schools of Qarabagh and Mirbachakot districts of Kabul province, the students in schools were receiving biscuits while they were attending schools, the project aimed to attract the attention of the students and by other side feed the children. Such project is one of the WFP’s supporting agents through feeding program in schools for the students also contracted the project to FRDO and the assigned duties completed successfully.

Animal Husbandry Training & Sheep Distribution Project

Supportive Organization :Maltiser

Location :Qulumchaq, Afghanistan

Malteser funded the Animal husbandry training and sheep distribution project, FRDO was the implementing partner for this project in which 50 poor and vulnerable women were learned the animal husbandry skills and also received pair of sheep. The project goal was to achieve the growth in livestock, through such project the 75% of the country agriculture and livestock portion accumulated directly and proven in the growth and development of agriculture as mostly people depends on this sector and could enable to enhance the agriculture and livestock.

Carpet Weaving Training

Supportive Organization :Maltiser

Location :Shahr-e-NawQarabagh, Kabul, Afghanistan

Malteser supported another project of Carpet weaving training skill project for the 50 poor, widow and needy women of Shar-e-Naw of Qarabagh district, Kabul province. Improving the skills Carpet weaving in Afghanistan will put the better result in the production of standardized products inside and outside the country. The carpets of Afghanistan has good market all over the world, consecutively the carpets of Afghanistan on top level in yearly festivals conducting in abroad always Afghanistan’s carpet are awarded with gold medals

Jam & Milk Sweet Making, Literacy & Health Education

Supportive Organization :IOM

Location :Sharana, Paktika Province, Afghanistan

Jam and milk sweet making, literacy and health education project implemented by FRDO upon receipt funds from IOM in Sharana district of Paktika province is about 40 female received the training skills and got the literacy and health education courses, such project was highly appreciated by the community and had good impact on the people’s daily life. IOM supported this project for 3 months the activities of the project capable the women learn the skills through which they prepare and produce the edible products for their home and local market.

Jam & Milk Sweet Making, Literacy & Health Education

Supportive Organization :IOM

Location :Kochikhail, Gerdez, Paktya, Kabul, Afghanistan

Jam and milk sweet making, literacy and health education from IOM duplicate in Gardiz city of Paktia province for same party women implemented by FRDO, which put important role on people’s daily life, that they got the skill and became literate. Such skills exercised in many areas of the country by IOM which laid down the dynamic change in the economic condition of the people by producing such products in meeting the market requirements and demands, by supplying to the market these products they can receive revenue and income for themselves.

Jam & Milk Sweet Making, Literacy & Health Education

Supportive Organization :IOM

Location :Shahr-e-Naw, Gerdez, Paktya

In result of the successful completion of Jam and milk sweet making, literacy and health education project in Paktia and Paktika provinces extended once again in Shar-e-Naw village of gardez city Paktia province, the project beneficiaries were 40 poor women, and the project implemented by FRDO and funded IOM. The familiarity of this project throughout the province upon the requesting of the community IOM again funded the same project for the same activities in certain localities also in Shar-e-Naw are of Gardiz city which also completed in 3 months.

Jam, Milk Sweet, Sugar Plum, Literacy & Health Education

Supportive Organization :World Food Program (WFP)

Location :Kolola Pushta, Yakatoot, Kabul

Jam, milk sweat, sugar plum, Literacy and Health Education project in kololapushta and yakatoot District of Kabul City funded by WFP and implemented by FRDO the total beneficiaries were 348 poor women, through this project the women were supported by providing skill training, Literacy and health Education Courses. Same activities and same project with little bit change in the ingredients like sugar plum implemented in Kabul province on a large scale covered 348 women whom were successfully attended the project and learned the skills.

Celebration 8th March

Supportive Organization :IOM

Location :Sharana Paktika

In advocating the women 8th of March has been celebrated as women’ day in all over the world, Afghanistan also conducting such day on behalf of the women as women day. FRDO also received the project expenses in maintaining the town hall celebration meeting 8th in year 2005 which was the remarkable event in the province records, the administration activities of the project carried out by FRDO and 290 female from the communities, governmental figures and other local spiritual leaders were the participants of the celebration of 8th march in sharana city.

Celebration of 8th March

Supportive Organization :ANCB

Location :Mazar-e-Sharif, Balkh Province, Afghanistan

ANCB supported celebration of 8th March in Mazar Sharif City of Balkh province the program organized by FRDO and 150 women participated in the celebration of women day. The organization managed the program and provided refreshment to the participants. The gathering of the women on the occasion of women’s day containing the topics under role of women in the society, violence against women, activities implementing throughout the country by the civil society organizations had been played a vital role to move toward betterment.

Construction of DoWA, Paktika Province

Supportive Organization :Provincial Reconstruction Team

Location :Sharana District, Paktika Province

PRT Paktika funded constriction of directorate of DOWA Paktika project which implemented by FRDO in Sharna District of Paktika Province. The construction activities of the project assigned to FRDO implemented in 4 months according to the terms and conditions of US Military, this building was the living dormitory of DoWApaktika which solved the problem that the directorate has been faced in the past. The PRT Sharana appreciated the assigned duties which done by FRDO and praised the organization’s personnel and technical staff.

Carpet Weaving &Literacy Training

Supportive Organization :British Embassy

Location :Kolola Pushta, District # 4, Kabul, Afghanistan

Carpet weaving and literacy training project in Kolola Pushta Kabul City supported by British Embassy and the project implemented by FRDO, the project beneficiaries were 45 most vulnerable women. Besides of literacy, the vocational skills also provided to the participants in the training which were the productive training for targeted participants. During the 10 months of the project duration the 45 female became literate and learned the basic knowledge about writing, reading and understanding and also got the productive vocational skills training.

Election Project focus on Civic Education

Supportive Organization :Afghan Women Network (AWN)

Location :Balkh, Faryab, Jawzjan, Baghlan & Paktia Provincess

In the implementation of Democracy and good governance FRDO agreed with AWN to proceed the training workshop, trainings and election campaign in Balkh, Jawzjan, Faryab, Baghlan and paktia provinces, the project goal was to aware people by conducting citizenship, civic education, provincial representatives training and Voters awareness campaign. In the existence of worst security conditions in harsh areas of the country in the above mentioned provinces the project goals and objectives successfully achieved without any constraints and problems.

Literacy, Animal Husbandry Training & Cow Distribution Project

Supportive Organization :ASGP-Creative USAID

Location :Dehdadi, Mazar-e-Sharif, Balkh Province

FRDO implemented the animal husbandry training, literacy and cow distribution project for ASGP-Creative in Dehdadi district of Balkh province the 50 most vulnerable women trained in literacy, numeracy, and animal husbandry skills and benefited one cow per family, by receipt of cow they can feed their families and provide the products to the market and receive the revenue to support their family financially. Such project was a specimen for the civil societies that can enable the chronically poor women to support their families.

Literacy, Animal Husbandry Training & Goat Distribution

Supportive Organization :GIZ-BEPA

Location :Childokhtaran District, Mazar-e-Sharif, Balkh Province

GIZ-BEPA once again extended the literacy, animal husbandry training and goat distribution project in Childokhtran district of Balkh province for the previous targeted beneficiaries, FRDO carried out the implementation activities and 50 mentioned beneficiaries was benefited from received pair of goats through this project and were improved economically and got much knowledge about animal husbandry skills. This time the participants completed the remaining course of the subjects and received much knowledge and information about animal keeping

Literacy, Animal Husbandry, Hygiene Education Training & Cow Distribution

Supportive Organization :JICA

Location :Dehdadi, Mazar-e-Sharif, Balkh Province

The project of JICA implementing in Sayadabad district of Balkh province by FRDO, focused on 60 chronically poor women, they were getting literacy, hygiene education and animal husbandry skills training and receive one milky cow per head. As they were receiving the training about the market demands would partially consume the milk and also provide to the market in the account of received income. The outcome of the project enabled the women be self-sufficient and self-sustained.

Consultation meeting

Supportive Organization :AWN

Location :Kandahar Province

During a decade the political situation of the country which directly affected the security condition toward peace building has been observed ups and downs which mostly affect the women’s life and condensed the work opportunities in governmental and private sectors for the women in advocacy the AWN supported the consultation meeting that advocating the women to raise the number of women participants in Bonn second conference that represent the half population of the country were women.

Lamb rearing project

Supportive Organization :USAID

Location :Mazar-e-Sharif

RADP-North USAID Lamb Rearing project in Mazar-e-Sharif and Jawzjan, for total number of 340 vulnerable women beneficiaries, that each beneficiary received 5 lamb with feeding, through this project these beneficiaries can support their families and can start business earn beneficiaries that DAI provided the survey list of the Beneficiaries for 11 districts of Mazar-e-Sharif and Jawzjan.