About FRDO

Female Rehabilitaion and Development Organization Background

Female rehabilitation and development organization (FRDO) was established in Mazar-e-Sharif Province in the year 1995 under the direction of engineer Sharifa who is a highly qualified master engineer and has devoted her life for the welfare of Afghans especially women.

FRDO organization Established in 1995 and for 24 years the activity has already completed about 83 projects to be completed. By the help of almighty Allah and effective collaboration and decision of a number of skilled Afghan engineers, doctors, teachers, intellectuals and mid wives we fortunately succeeded to set up the foundation of a general welfare non-governmental non profitable and nonpolitical organization with the clear complete and standardized methods and rule/ regulation under the tide of Female Rehabilitation and Development Organization (FRDO) in accordance with the disciplinary rules of UN and other international and national agencies.

FRDO consists of five member’s board of directories and ten qualified and experienced staff members mostly Afghans. FRDO is working for the welfare, reconstruction and development of our beloved and war-torn country Afghanistan to contribute in rehabilitation and reconstruction of the country. We are committed to achieve the (FRDO) charter through empowering afghan women folk to participate in social, economic and productive activities.

(FRDO) as an Afghan operated nonpolitical and non-profitable national organization was established in January 1995 with the main objective to improve socioeconomic status of vulnerable and isolated Afghan women through their direct involvement in social and economic interactions in the historic city of Mazar-e-Sharif we worked there for three years during that time we were very successful and complete many projects. Then due to some political unrest our office in Mazar-e Sharif was looted and we were forced to leave Afghanistan. We migrated to Peshawar Pakistan first of all we registered our organization with the government of Pakistan and started our routine works for the rehabilitation of the vulnerable Afghan refugees living in refugee camps in Pakistan. Presently FRDO is registered with ACBAR, ANCB and Afghan commissioner etc.

FRDO main office is in Kabul and sub office in the city of Mazar-e-Sharif. Afghan society women is the most deprived portion of community regarding cultural norms, nutrition, security, education, access to health services and training facilities. The women generally and particularly the women headed households especially from the rural and urgan Afghanistan are the most suffering part of the Afghan society as they are mostly unskilled and undulated. Afghan traditions and customs have given a special position to women in the community but the circumstances have been changed for them now. They have to work in order to feed their dependents. Presently FRDO has 10 qualified staff members prime motive behind the formation of (FRDO) is to improve socioeconomic status of Afghan needy women and widows through their direct involvement in the profit-making activities skill Training and provision of basic civil facilities.

Organization Vision

To empower Afghan men and women by improving their capacity and providing opportunity to become self-sufficient and self-sustained.

Mission Statement

To improve Women’s living conditions through promoting rule of law, vocational training, education, human rights awareness, women’s rights defence, self-reliance, health care, livelihood, elimination of GBV, gender equity, and cash and food distribution.

To promote sustainable community development, good governance, economic opportunities, social economic, ecological standard and social development.

To empower women, girls and communities for promoting sustainable safety, security, relief, democracy where be addressed the causes of human suffering, poverty, and social injustice.

To provide services and boost economic opportunities for poor, vulnerable and marginalized Afghans especially women and girls to live in peace, welfare and dignity.